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Float Switch and Liquid Level Sensors

Reliable, Innovative Sensing Solutions

Industrial manufacturers across the U.S. depend on Madison float switches, liquid level sensors and water level indicators to save them time and money. Accurate level measurement can reduce overfill and waste, maintain product quality, and provide application consistency. Although fluids vary in viscosity, chemical makeup and temperature, Madison sensing products such as float switches and ultrasonic, radar and conductivity sensors are compatible with most liquid media – and even some solids.

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Madison has been a leader in sensing solutions for nearly six decades, and our product knowledge and engineering expertise allow us to promptly meet the needs of a wide range of industries. Specific applications include:

Hot oil fryers: Madison float switches control hot oil levels, reducing the risk of burned-out heating elements, reducing oil waste, and ensuring high-quality food products.

Mobile fuel delivery: Madison ultrasonic sensors allow fuel logistics companies to automate their fueling delivery and monitoring processes, reducing their supply issues and billing errors.

Drum storage of oils and chemicals: Madison drum level indicators help provide safe storage for use or disposal.

Stone quarries: Madison dual frequency radar sensors accurately measure aggregate, gravel, coal and other dusty solids in stone crushers and storage hoppers.

We have also developed custom and off-the-shelf float switches and liquid level sensors for car wash facilities, food processing plants, paints and coatings manufacturers, industrial maintenance equipment manufacturers, agricultural companies, marine equipment manufacturers, medical instrumentation, water and wastewater functions and much more.

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Our goal is to improve your business. Madison Company – Sensing Solutions Since 1959.

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