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Madison Company History

Sensors, Switches & Floats Manufacturer Since 1959

Madison Company History

In 1959, Madison Company began designing and manufacturing reed switches, floats and liquid level switches. Steady growth over the years has continued, due to creative designs and progressive management, all focused on customer needs.

Today, Madison Company is a leader in liquid level technology and has expanded into complementary technologies, offering several sensor types, as well as subsystem capabilities. This broader product offering is supported by a global sales and distribution network.

In 1999, Steve Schickler became President of Madison Company, succeeding his late father, William. Steve previously served as Director of Manufacturing and Engineering. "At Madison Company, we have always tried to develop relationships of trust and cooperation with our customers. Many of them look upon us as a long-term partner and an extension of their product development teams."

Madison Company has implemented many design features into its switches to solve application problems presented by customers. The incorporation of temperature sensors into the level switch introduced combination sensing and a resulting cost savings for customer applications. In recent years, Madison Company has further progressed in temperature sensing technology with the use of RTDs, thermocouples (type K, J and T) and bimetal switches.

By adapting the magnet and reed switch knowledge used in liquid level sensing, Madison Company was able to introduce proximity sensors for industrial equipment applications. Both standard products and custom-designed products represent our capability in proximity sensing technology.

Madison Company's ultrasonic, radar and optical sensor lines have also broadened, with our marketing base expanding into high-end food, chemical and vehicle applications. Both standard sensor models and application-specific designs – such as the Madison-Omni® for discrete indication of level, temperature and other characteristics – are available.