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Our highly experienced Customer Support team is preparing for the Northwest Design-2 Part Show scheduled for next week! Taking place at the Portland Expo Center, in Portland, OR, on November 1 & 2, Madison Company will be meeting with engineers, designers and buyers from across the globe at this contract manufacturing trade show. This event is ideal for any professional trying to solve manufacturing challenges, identify quality suppliers or discover new technologies and techniques. 

Having attended D2P before over its 40 years history, we see these five primary benefits of attending this event:

New Technology Showcase:  Stay steps ahead of your competitors by getting a glimpse of what's on the forefront of technology relevant to your products and industry.

Accelerate Delivery: Logistics play a critical role in the relationship with all suppliers and this event is an opportunity to redefine "timely" delivery.

Locate Secondary Sources: Primary suppliers are crucial to the success of your business, but this is the place to find your back-up sources.

Face-to-Face Conversations: Engineers can speak with subject matter experts in order to improve product quality and reliability.

Reduce Costs: Come prepared to compare your costs with those available from competing manufacturers. 


Our Customer Support team believes that D2P is one of the KEY events to attend each year and we want to provide all of our clients and customers with this special link to encourage complimentary registration! Once you have registered, and checked-in next week, be certain to visit Booth #328 to say "hello" to our Madison team and tell us how we can assist with any liquid sensing challenges you might be facing in the new year! 

MAD 201710 Portland Booth Backdrop


As promised with last week's blog post, our booth and our team made it safely from the PackExpo show in Las Vegas to the WEFTEC technology conference and exhibition! This event is happening NOW in Chicago, until Wednesday, October 4th! As you can see from our booth picture, our product panels display our sensing solutions, our 55" monitor showcases various applications, and our two kiosks portray five of our liquid level technologies. Don't forget that we stand ready to discuss solutions for your particular liquid level management projects!  Be sure to stop by booth #3555 over the next two days and say "Hello" to our team, or use our Contact form to reach us directly today! 

Madison WEFTEC Booth3555

With zero time to waste after an amazing run at PackExpo Las Vegas, we have carefully buttoned up the Madison Company trade show booth and it will soon be on a plane heading to Chicago! The Water Environment Federation technical conference and expo (also known as WEFTEC) takes places next week, from October 2-4, 2017. Not only will we feature a larger booth, but we will have dedicated personnel ready to help with any application involving liquid level management. We've also created several animated videos to demonstrate how our products can solve your most pressing issues. Please visit Booth #3555 at McCormick Place in Chicago next week if you're attending WEFTEC as well! If you're not attending this annual event, contact us today and we can send you a special link to our sensor video demonstrations. 

PackExpo booth straight shot

 As our team makes the final preparations with our booth (see photo below) bound for the PackExpo event in Las Vegas next week (Sept 25-27), we wanted to reach out and offer final discounts to those who might still be uncertain about attending PackExpo or Healthcare Packaging Expo in just a few days. As we outlined in a previous blog post, there are thousands of reasons to attend this special expo! Not the least of which is because you can meet the Madison Company support staff up close and personal! And, if you use THIS LINK to sign-up for next week's event, along with this special Madison Company code 95V43, you'll gain free access to this very important industry event! If you've already registered, please make a note to visit Madison in the North Hall at Booth N-511 to say Hello! If you're not able to make the PackExpo, don't forget that we will be at the WEFTEC in early October - Booth #3555 in Chicago! 

MAD Booth Product Display for Blog 

One of the online resources our customer service teams uses most frequently on the Madison website is the Chemical Compatibility Guide. To determine the right switch or sensor for an existing or future customer, they'll ask a few different questions, like:

What is the tank holding the liquid made of? 

What concentration are the chemicals within the tank? 

What is the maximum temperature of the liquid being measured? 

Answers to these important questions help our customer service team identify the devices that will accurately perform for years to come, in a cost effective way.  But the other resource also on that same page is a link to the Cole-Parmer chemical compatibility table. Their helpful table allows users to choose from hundreds of different chemicals and determine the effect that chemical has on dozens of materials. For example if you select "Catsup" from the chemical menu you'll find it has a "D" rating with aluminum materials. Without digressing into pH levels and terms like "highly negative standard reduction potential", let's just say that you should avoid covering your ketchup based meatloaf with aluminum foil! And, when it's time to select the right switch or sensor for any variety of liquids, be sure to contact our customer service team for their free insight and years of experience.  

And maybe even a great meatloaf recipe! 

Madison Catsup

In preparation for the WaterReuse Symposium hitting Phoenix next month there's a very mysterious semi-truck full of water circling the state of Arizona. According to this Phoenix New Times article, the AZ Pure Water Brew Truck has already made stops in Yuma, Tucson, Flagstaff and Phoenix, with one simple mission: Get Arizona brewers to use reclaimed wastewater to make their local brews! Clearly, clean ground water for brewing in the state of Arizona is not as easily accessible a commodity compared to other states, so this statewide program was created to provide participating brewers with reclaimed wastewater and to "fight the wastewater taboo". At least five breweries from Phoenix have agreed to compete in a beer tasting contest, the AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge, that will be held during the WaterReuse Symposium, September 10-13 in Phoenix. So we have to ask the dozens of brewers who rely upon Madison Company custom sensors and switches in their bright tanks and fermentation tanks, would you try a Reclaimed Wastewater Wheat? 

Let us know in the comments below or contact us directly! 

AZ Pure Water Brew Challenge

We are just two months away from attending one of the most important trade shows of the year - PackExpo! PackExpo takes place in Las Vegas on September 25-27! If you haven't registered for this important event, we have a special incentive for Madison Company clients and customers below. But first let us give you a few big reason why we attend this event: 

1. You'll find solutions from more than 2,000 top-tier suppliers of advanced packaging equipment, materials, containers, automation technologies and other supply chain innovators. 

2. You can exchange ideas with 30,000 of your peers within various vertical markets - representatives from 3M, Kraft Foods, Pfizer, Del Monte, Kellogg and Nestle. 

3. You can freely explore new packaging advances from more than 250 different pharmaceutical supply chain vendors - this event is co-located with the Healthcare Packaging Expo 

If that's not enough there are free seminars on the Innovation Stage and countless resources within the Container and Materials Pavillion.  Use this link to Register for both events, but be sure to use the Madison Company code 95V43 for FREE access to this very special packaging event!

Be sure to visit us in the North Hall at Booth N-511 and say hello!  We will see you there! 

Madison PackExpo show floor

We first discovered the power of hydroponic container farming last year thanks to a client who contacted Madison Company with a request for a UL approved, warrantied multi-level switch. We were fascinated by this type of micro business that is turning old shipping containers and 'food deserts' (communities that have minimal access to fresh foods) into thriving and scalable farms. Now it seems we can't turn on a TV or read the Washington Post without discovering the latest advancement in hydroponic container farming. While the idea itself is novel, what's truly astounding is the fact that a 40 foot container can grow as much produce as 3-5 acres of land, but do it twice as fast and use 97% less water and grow year round! Companies such as FreightFarms create and sell the self-contained farms to farmers and entrepreneurs, which in turn sell their crops to local restaurants and farmer's markets. The highest profile advocate of container farming? Kimbal Musk - brother of Elon Musk- and co-founder of Square Roots in Brooklyn NY! Perhaps we'll soon see container farms in space?  

If you are in the hydroponic farming business and have some special needs for fluid sensing and switches, do not hesitate to contact Madison Company today.  We can truly help your gardens grow! 

shipping Container Farm

Nearly 30 years ago OSHA established the regulations for the Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) program to ensure equipment and components could be tested and certified for their safe use in the workplace. A NTRL is a private-sector organization that consistently meets the OSHA legal requirements, in 29 CFR 1910.7, to perform testing and certification of products using consensus based test standards. For manufacturers and vendors, this certification process can be daunting and increase expenses, but the benefits that third part certification are numerous.  

Third party certifications provided by OSHA's Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory (NRTL) Program provide five strategic advantages:

1. Truly Independent Product Review: Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratories have no financial interest in the products they might certify so product safety review is objective, free of either internal company pressures or economic demands. 

2. Increase Safety & Reliability: Companies submitting products for NRTL certifications typically use safety engineers as opposed to design engineers frequently resulting in more reliable products that comply with safety, health or environmental standards. Consistency is also a factor given frequent audits of a manufacturers facility prior to third party certification that ensure the manufacturer is capable of meeting the specified requirements. 

3. Instill Consumer Confidence and Increased Sales: Products that are visibly certified by a NRTL tend to see greater sales volume as consumers have a higher degree of confidence in products that are scrutinized, surveiled and continuously verified by that laboratory, even after that product reaches the marketplace. 

4. Point of Distinction for Manufacturer:  Certification quickly distinguishes compliant manufacturers from those attempting to reduce costs and commodify their products. Beyond increasing consumer confidence, third party certification ensures that all correct components are utilized. 

5. Product Liability Defense: Within a court of law, a common standard used to determine liability is whether the manufacturer exercised an appropriate level of concern and care in producing a product. The products that maintain third party certifications demonstrate a manufacturer used the highest degree of care available to ensure safe and effective marketplace products. 

To learn more about the value of NRTL approvals, be sure to review our latest Application Bulletin titled "Are Products with Agency Approvals Worth More?".

Madison OSHA saftey training y10vr5 

Liquid level sensors and bottling plant processes go together like arts and crafts… Well, that’s our opinion at Madison Company, especially now that school is out! But seriously, when we thought about water bottling plants, we began to wonder – how many plastic water bottles are there, and what happens to them after the water is consumed?

Here are some fun facts about bottled water – the most consumed beverage in the United States:

  • Last year, the United States consumed more than 12.8 billion gallons of bottled water – about 39 gallons of water per person or 304 bottles per person per year!
  • Bottled water has zero calories – the least of any packaged beverage (haha)
  • There is the same amount of water on Earth today as there was when the planet was formed… which means that you could be drinking the same water that the dinosaurs drank (tell THAT one to your kids!)
  • Bottled water is sold in containers that are 100-percent recyclable (into all kinds of objects!)
  • Increased bottled water consumption is directly related to an increased number of empty containers (well, that’s obvious…)

And speaking of empty containers, here are a few fun arts and crafts that you can make with them:

Water Bottle Wind Spirals 


Self-Watering Plant Container


No-Sew Zipper Cases


Water Bottle Hummingbird Feeder


Fun Packaging for Cupcakes, Cookies and Macarons


Build Your Own Sprinkler:


Stay hydrated!

Madison bottle water

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