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Wednesday, 07 June 2017 20:30

(Madison + Bottled Water) = (Arts + Crafts)

Liquid level sensors and bottling plant processes go together like arts and crafts… Well, that’s our opinion at Madison Company, especially now that school is out! But seriously, when we thought about water bottling plants, we began to wonder – how many plastic water bottles are there, and what happens to them after the water is consumed?

Here are some fun facts about bottled water – the most consumed beverage in the United States:

  • Last year, the United States consumed more than 12.8 billion gallons of bottled water – about 39 gallons of water per person or 304 bottles per person per year!
  • Bottled water has zero calories – the least of any packaged beverage (haha)
  • There is the same amount of water on Earth today as there was when the planet was formed… which means that you could be drinking the same water that the dinosaurs drank (tell THAT one to your kids!)
  • Bottled water is sold in containers that are 100-percent recyclable (into all kinds of objects!)
  • Increased bottled water consumption is directly related to an increased number of empty containers (well, that’s obvious…)

And speaking of empty containers, here are a few fun arts and crafts that you can make with them:

Water Bottle Wind Spirals 


Self-Watering Plant Container


No-Sew Zipper Cases


Water Bottle Hummingbird Feeder


Fun Packaging for Cupcakes, Cookies and Macarons


Build Your Own Sprinkler:


Stay hydrated!

Madison bottle water

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