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Wednesday, 30 August 2017 16:51

Exploring Chemical Compatibility or Why Ketchup Doesn't Come in Aluminum Cans

One of the online resources our customer service teams uses most frequently on the Madison website is the Chemical Compatibility Guide. To determine the right switch or sensor for an existing or future customer, they'll ask a few different questions, like:

What is the tank holding the liquid made of? 

What concentration are the chemicals within the tank? 

What is the maximum temperature of the liquid being measured? 

Answers to these important questions help our customer service team identify the devices that will accurately perform for years to come, in a cost effective way.  But the other resource also on that same page is a link to the Cole-Parmer chemical compatibility table. Their helpful table allows users to choose from hundreds of different chemicals and determine the effect that chemical has on dozens of materials. For example if you select "Catsup" from the chemical menu you'll find it has a "D" rating with aluminum materials. Without digressing into pH levels and terms like "highly negative standard reduction potential", let's just say that you should avoid covering your ketchup based meatloaf with aluminum foil! And, when it's time to select the right switch or sensor for any variety of liquids, be sure to contact our customer service team for their free insight and years of experience.  

And maybe even a great meatloaf recipe! 

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