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Applications for Madison Sensors

Industrial Equipment

Madison Sensors Industrial Equipment Applications

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Madison Company designs and manufactures a wide range of level and temperature sensing products utilized in many industrial applications. Many industrial equipment manufacturers and process automation engineers have selected Madison products due to such design attributes as their resistance to extreme temperature and pressure ranges, vibration and shock, durability, and long life spans. Numerous material choices allow for chemical compatibility with almost any liquid.

We have a sensor solution for your application whether it is for rugged industrial applications such as petroleum or chemical processing and distribution, or niche applications such as irrigation control or day tank liquid measurement. We can recommend float style switches, ultrasonic and radar sensors, conductivity and optical sensors, or a myriad of temperature sensing products, each based on your specific application requirements and budget.

  • Long life and Reliable Operation
  • Production Lines, Day Tanks or Chemical Storage Tanks
  • Chemical, Food, Fuel, Waste Water applications
  • Intrinsically Safe and Explosion proof solutions available Off the Shelf or Custom Engineered Solutions

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