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Medical Equipment

Madison Sensors Medical Equipment Applications

Madison Company designs and manufactures a wide range of fluid sensing products that are used in many OEM Medical applications. Madison is currently providing sensors to medical OEMs for use in everything from reagent analyzing to fluid dispensing equipment. Madison can combine our wide range of sensing technologies with numerous material choices to fit almost any application. Madison's sensing technologies include float style, optical, conductivity, pressure, temperature, ultrasonic and radar sensors. All of which may be modified to fit your application needs. We have material choices such as stainless steel, Polypropylene and Teflon to ensure that you are provided with a sensor that will provide durability and long life.

If you have an application that requires automatic overflow or shutdown, automatic fill or drain or the continuous monitoring of fluids, then Madison Company can design or select a level sensor to meet your exacting needs.

  • Custom Engineered and Off the Shelf solutions
  • Long Life, High Reliability and Repeatability
  • Wide variety of Medical and Lab grade materials available (316SS, Polpropylene, Kynar)

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