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PH-FIL - Pressure Sensor Desiccant Filter

PH-FIL - Pressure Sensor Desiccant Filter
Model # PH-FIL

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The PH-FIL is an easy-to-install desiccant filter that is to be installed at the end of the pressure sensor vent tube. The desiccant is light blue and turns pink to indicate that its ability to protect against moisture is consumed and it should be replaced. For years of trouble-free protection, Madison Company offers the PH-EMS environmentally-sealed bladder.

The PH4201 Series hydrostatic, submersible pressure level sensors are specifically designed for pressure and hydrostatic level measurements of groundwater, wastewater, process liquids or sea water. Ideal for tanks, small size bore holes, wells, dams, irrigation, sewage, rivers or oceanography, these pressure sensors accurately measure the height of the water column above by sensing the pressure of that specific liquid sensed. The titanium housing provides immunity to virtually all environments, including brackish water, sludge or other chemicals better than most stainless steel transducers. The sensor’s polyurethane vented cable is molded to the sensor housing to provide the most reliable waterproof sensor proven through many years of experience and varying liquid sensor applications. The pressure sensors come standard with polyurethane cable, but can be custom configured with FEP cable for oils or other chemical resistance. To avoid any cable elongation in Deep Well applications sensing down to 1000 feet, an integral Kevlar strand supports the sensor. A feature of the PH4201 is that its full-scale range can be designed as low 0-30” WC, making it ideal for small tanks, process run off and water vessels, but can also work reliably to sense pressures to 150 PSI. These sensors include a 1/2”-20 process connection under the "Drop-In" nose cone for external mounting to process fittings.

*Note: A Desiccant Filter (P/N PH-FIL) or Environmentally-Sealed Bladder (P/N PH-EMS) are recommended to insure years of accurate, trouble free service.


- Moisture protection for pressure sensors

Operating Temperature Up to 175°F (79˚C)
Application Fits PH4201 and PC4203 series vent tube

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