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Liquid Level Sensors and Control Switches

Types of Fluid / Liquid Level Sensor & Float Switch Materials, Sizes and Applications

For manufacturers incorporating fluids as part of their equipment functionality, level sensing of those fluids can be particularly challenging. In applications such as mobile fuel delivery or fuel storage, liquid level sensors must be impervious to solvents and oils and meet any hazardous environment/explosion-proof component requirements.

Liquid level sensors utilized in food processing, food service equipment and brewing must be made of food-grade materials. In applications that include level sensing of hot oils, chemicals and even water, durability is key, as the composition of these fluids can dramatically shorten sensor life.

An improperly specified liquid level sensor can quickly cause equipment malfunction and possible damage, resulting in increased warranty claims and dissatisfied customers.

Madison Company manufactures a broad range of liquid level sensors including float switches, continuous level sensors and non-contact ultrasonic sensors to meet customer needs in a wide variety of fluid sensing applications. Madison partners with every customer to provide either a stock or custom-engineered product for even the most demanding applications. Since 1959, Madison Company has been providing fluid sensing solutions manufactured in the U.S.A.