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M3784-24 - Conductivity Sensor Kit with Level Controller for 24 VAC

M3784-24 - Conductivity Sensor Kit with Level Controller for 24 VAC
Model # M3784-24

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The M3784-24 conductivity sensor and probe kit comes with the Madison R2-24 solid state controller and provides do-it-yourself automatic liquid level control for 24 VAC input voltage systems. It is easily configured for Two Level Differential, Single Point Protection or Alarm operations, and can be set for Pump-Up (Fill) or Pump-Down (Drain) automatic dual level control. For conductive liquids, the High - Low liquid level can be set by cutting the three included conductivity probes for the proper heights. The conductive liquid is sensed between each probe and ground (common). The controller is also equipped with a sensitivity adjustment to eliminate false actuations in some liquids or foams, and can be adjusted to sense between 1K - 100K Ohms. An easy view on-board LED on the controller indicates the on-off state to output contacts and controller status. 


Electrodes 24" length, standard 72" length, maximum (with two extensions) May be cut to custom length
Input Voltage (AC) 24 VAC V
Options Electrode extensions, two each, 24" length, with coupling nuts and electrode spreader Single electrode fitting with 24" electrode
Other Integral junction box with IP68 (NEMA 6) protection 10' cable for attaching sensing head to controller
Material 316 Stainless Steel electrodes Polypropylene all food-grade materials
Max. Temperature 212ºF (100ºC)
Max. Pressure 30 psig
Mounting 1" NPT, standard Bulkhead or snap-in flange

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