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Continuous Liquid Level Sensors

Continuous Float, Visual, Radar and Ultrasonic Level Sensors

When precision and accuracy are important in determining the exact amount of a liquid in a specified range, continuous level sensors or transmitters are the best solution. For over 50 years, Madison Company has been designing and manufacturing a wide variety of continuous level sensors and transmitters in a variety of materials and offer compatibility with most liquid media. Standard solutions are available in float type continuous transmitters, tape sensors, radar and ultrasonic.

Madison's continuous level float transmitters are vertical-mount sensors and ideal for monitoring liquid height. These continuous level float sensors are perfect for sensing in tanks with restricted or limited access. They offer precise liquid level monitoring in a series of tanks in mixing operations and can offer a central monitoring solution of liquid level in remote multiple tanks. Continuous level float sensors are ideal for any tank application where liquid level requires constant and accurate monitoring – even at the interface between two dissimilar liquids.

Visual level sensors provide simple and economical continuous liquid level sensing where no electrical power is available. With lengths up to 6 feet (1.8m), they are designed for use in remote and mobile storage tanks. They employ a magnetic float and standard tape measure blade sealed in a liquid tight tube so it does not come in contact with the fluid. The visual level sensors are ideal for marine applications, industrial fire extinguishers, and chemical drums, as well as underground and remote liquid storage.

Madison Company offers a complete line of standard and advanced ultrasonic continuous level sensors and transmitters for liquids. All models have the ability to filter false echoes produced by peripheral obstructions.

A logical extension to the ultrasonic continuous level sensors and transmitter series is the broad range of low-cost radar sensors, also offered by Madison Company. The radar sensors are ideal for applications where conditions are in need of non-contact liquid level measurement, and for reflective liquids that have a foaming surface or vapor conditions beyond ultrasonic wave capabilities.

Madison’s experienced engineering and sales staff can provide customized solutions for applications not satisfied by the standard continuous level sensors and transmitters shown in this catalog. Please contact us with any questions.