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Radar Level Sensors

Radar Level Sensors

Radar Sensor Technology

When level sensing of liquids and solids in difficult conditions is a requirement, customers can benefit from Madison Company's radar technology, which uses high frequency electromagnetic waves to determine distance.

Madison Company offers a series of low-cost radar sensors for continuous level measurement. This product series offers a logical extension to the ultrasonic sensor series, where application conditions are in need of non-contact liquid level measurement and where ultrasonic level measurement is not acceptable.

Radar sensors are unaffected by semi-solids, dust, foam, oil, grease and other coatings, uneven surfaces, turbulence, pressure and vacuum, and provides accurate level sensing over larger ranges. Single frequency radar level sensors are ideal for conditions not suitable for ultrasonic, such as reflective liquids with foamy surfaces or vapor.

As with all Madison products, this radar technology can be designed for your specific level measurement needs, providing unique considerations for materials to be measured, vessel configuration and system interface.


  • Highly accurate non-contact, continuous level measurement
  • Communication for single or network level sensors
  • Improved microwave pulse technology to track any target material from the tip of its antenna to the bottom of the tank
  • "Echo marker" signal processing, providing a reliable continuous pulse shape that is unaffected by environmental conditions
  • Polypropylene or an optional high-resistance PTFE (Teflon®) antenna material resists material buildup
  • Simple mounting and push-button calibration for easy installation

Further Information

Madison Specification Work Sheet for unique application requirements

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