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R4-33R2R6 R Series Dual Frequency Radar Level Sensor

R4-33R2R6 R Series Dual Frequency Radar Level Sensor
R4-33R2R6 R Series Dual Frequency Radar Level Sensor
Model # R4-33R2R6

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Dual-Frequency Radar Level Sensor with 33 ft. range.


  • Highly accurate, non-contact, continuous level measurement
  • Communication for single or network level sensors
  • Improved microwave pulse technology to track any target material from the tip of its antenna to the bottom of the tank
  • “Echo marker” signal processing provides a reliable continuous pulse shape that is unaffected by environmental conditions
  • Polypropylene or an optional high-resistance PTFE (Teflon®)
  • Antenna material resists material buildup
  • Simple mounting and push-button calibration for easy installation


  • Waste water treatment
  • Oversized liquid storage tanks
  • Microbrewery holding tanks (waste or brew)
  • Liquids under constant or intermittent agitation
  • Foaming liquids
  • Aggregate hoppers and rock crushers
Input Voltage 115Vac
Pressure 5 bar
Process Temperature w/ Teflon Decoupler - 40 to 350°F
Temperature Electronic Enclosure - 40 to 140°F
Resolution ± 0.1”
Range - 33 ft.
Ingress Protection NEMA 6 (IP68)
Enclosure Aluminum
Frequency 6.3 & 26 GHz.
Response Time Standard Unit 2 - 3 echo’s per sec. Std. with less damping 6 echo’s / s. Fast Protocol Unit 10 - 30 echo’s / s.
Technology Pulse Radar
Accuracy ± 0.03%
Loss of Echo Hold Hold 3 min., 22mA or 2 mA. Output, no loss of echo.
Transmitter Power 50 uW average
Calibration Via communication S/W highly recommended, Push Button capable
Diagnostics (Echo Profile) (Echo Profile) via communications port
Approvals FCC, FM, CSA
Output 4 - 20 mA

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