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Drum Level Indicators

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M4169-1 - Stainless Steel High Level Drum Indication
The M4169-1 Drum Level Indicator is ideal for standard High Level detection or control for most stan..
U3M-148-3/4 - Drum Level Indication
The U3M-148 continuous level sensor is a field-programable, full-range ultrasonic liquid&n..
M4169-2  Drum Low Level Indication
  The M4169-2 Low Level Drum Level Indicator is ideal for standard Low Level detection or ..
M4169-3 - High - Low Drum Level Indication
  The M4169-3 Stainless Steel Drum Level Indicator is ideal for standard High/Low level detecti..
M4168-1 Brass High Level 55-Gallon Drum Indication
The M4168-1 High Level Drum Level Indicator features a brass stem and Buna-N float. This brass float..
M4168-1-FM -Brass Drum Level Indication with Fix Mount Alarm
The M4168-1-FM High Level Drum Level Indicator features a brass stem and Buna-N float. This brass fl..
M4168-2 - Low Level Brass Drum Level Indication
The M4168-2 Drum Level Indicator features a brass stem and Buna-N float, ideal for petroleum liquid ..
M4168-3 - High/Low Drum Level Indication
 The M4168-3 Drum Level Indicator is designed for high/low tank and drum level indication or co..

Drum Level Indicators

Madison Company offers several level indication products designed specifically for standard 20-, 30- and 55-gallon drums. These level indicators will fit-up directly with standard 3/4” NPT bungs.

This family of standard level indicators comes in low-level, high-level and multi-level designs, for both low- and high-level indication. The basic level switches require a power source. When configured with an alarm, battery power is on-board.

Optional alarms are available in either a fixed-mount (to the level switch) or a remote-mount design. This option provides both the level switch and the alarm with battery power for ease of use in remote sites where a power source is not readily available.

For those drum applications requiring a non-contact level device, the Madison U3M Mini Ultrasonic Sensor is the way to go. This sensor also mounts directly into a 3/4” NPT bung with optional adapter and requires a power source. The sensor is calibrated by the user using an on-board push button. The U3M is available in two configurations: one that is designed for infrequent removal and the other with a connector lead-wire termination for quick disconnect and removal from the drum head. These sensors are configured with RS485 communications for PC networks.


  • Multiple drum level choices
  • Easy mating to standard drum bung
  • Remote alarm and power abilities
  • Choice of contact or non-contact level indication
  • Choice of high and/or low level indication and alarm