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U3M-148-3/4 - Drum Level Indication

U3M-148-3/4 - Drum Level Indication
U3M-148-3/4 - Drum Level Indication U3M-148-3/4 - Drum Level Indication
Model # U3M-148-3/4

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The U3M-148 continuous level sensor is a field-programable, full-range ultrasonic liquid level sensor that is ideal for small tanks and drum level sensing. Its design is compact, extending just over 2" in height above the tank or drum surface, and it has an operating range of 4 in. to 9 ft. (0.10 m to 2.7 m). The "Mini Probes" 4-20mA output is easily programmed on the bench or in the field with an on-board push button, to set your high and low levels without the need for software and computers. As with all of our standard Ultrasonic models, the U3M series has a PVC housing that is chemical resistant and allows for operating temperatures of -40 to 140˚F (-40 to 60°C).

The U3M’s microprocessor-based circuits provide a temperature-compensated signal for improved accuracy and the ability to filter false echoes produced by peripheral obstructions. Optional RS485 communications are available for computer interfacing and for networking up to 128 sensors. Relay models for alarm and/or on/off control by the sensor can also be provided.

For applications requiring a sanitary interface to the sensor, an optional 316L Stainless Steel transducer face with tri-clover clamp is also available.


Non-contact continuous level measurement
Ultrasonic pulse technology
Push-button calibration programmable
Field or bench calibration
Microprocessor-based reliability
Temperature compensation
Non-volatile memory (batteries not required)
Automatic adjustment of power and sensitivity to any environment
Self-cleaning sensor face


Food and beverage; water and wastewater; chemicals and oils; various liquids, slurries and flat solids

Max. Temperature 150°F (65˚C)
Max. Pressure 32 PSIG (2 bar)
Mounting 1" NPT x 3/4" NPT Adapter
Voltage 24 Vdc
Comm. Port RS232, 485 or HART
Housing Material PVC-94V0
Ingress Protection NEMA 4X (IP65)
Cable 24 AWG, 3 pair, 60" long (1.5 m); Relay option requires 18 AWG, 3 conductor
Operating Frequency 148 kHz
Accuracy ±0.25% of max. target range (in air)
Calibration Push-button (Field Programmable) or PC programmable
Range 0.33 to 9 ft , 0.10 to 2.7 m
Resolution 0.04 in , 0.98 mm
Beam Angle 12 º
Temperature Compensation Onboard the sensor
Approvals CE
Power Options 0.07 Amps max. @ 24 VDC , DC : 12 to 30 VDC , R load = (Vs-6)/24 mA
Output 4-20 mA, 6.1 uA resolution Relay: DPST, 5 Amps @ 230 VAC Optional RS485 communications port (comes with free software)

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