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ML8888 - Polypropylene Multi Level Float Switch Kit

ML8888 - Polypropylene Multi Level Float Switch Kit
Model # ML8888

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Polypropylene Float Level Switch Kit -

Available for same-day shipment These kits provide the user with the opportunity to optimize their own multi-point switches and fabricate them in the field from the kit components. The standard ML8888 kits are furnished with two floats and a 2" pipe plug, with a maximum stem length of 43.19" (Includes 1 - 9" fitting and stem, 2 - 12" extension tubes, 2 - 5" switch capsules, 4 unions and an end cap). Users who require a 3rd or 4th level, can purchase adder kits to do so.

Assembly of Madison's Multi-Point Switch Kits generally involves the following steps: Lay out the supplied components in the configuration that your application requires. Determine the lengths of the Connecting Tubes and cut them accordingly; de-burr and smooth the sharp edges of the cut tubes prior to installation. Perform a trial assembly and, using a continuity indicator (light, buzzer, Ohm Meter, etc.), verify that the switch actuation levels (L1 and L2) are at the required levels and the switch action (normally open or normally closed) is correct for your application. When switch set-up is satisfactory, tighten the fittings and apply thread sealant to the pipe threads on the top fitting before installing the switch into your tank.

Adder kits are availabe as follows:

ML8888-LVL3 to add a 3rd level to the ML8888 kit.

ML8888-LVL4 to add a 4th level to the ML8888 kit.

ML8888-LVLS3&4 to add a 3rd and 4th Level to the ML8888 kit.

Note: SPST = Single Pole, Single Throw


For acidic conditions, such as found in electroplating and metal cleaning. Another choice for lower-temperature food processing applications up to 105°C.  Also a good choice for general-purpose applications in commercial or consumer appliances and equipment.

Switches are rated for resistive loads. See our Electrical Considerations for UL guidelines for current (Amperes resistive) at different voltages.

Type Full Size Multi Level Switch Kit
Stem Material Polypropylene
Float Material Polypropylene
Float SG 0.75 - 0.77
Max. Temperature 105ºC
Fitting Type 2" NPT Pipe Plug (For External Mounting)
Max. Pressure 100 PSIG
Switch Rating 60 Watt, 240V max. (AC/DC), SPST
Lead Wires 72", 22 AWG, Teflon Insulated (Standard)
Approvals CE, UL
Electrical Ratings
AC Voltage 60 VA Nominal - 0.50 amps max. @ 120 VAC, ( 0.40 amps @ 240 VAC)
DC Voltage 60 W Nominal - 0.50 amps max @ 24 VDC, ( 0.20 amps @ 120VDC)
Additional Notes
Minimum Order Quantity 1 Pcs.
Available Same Day 3 Pcs.
Note 1 Switches are rated for resistive loads. See our Electrical Considerations for UL guidelines for current (Amperes resistive) at different voltages.

Contact Madison Co. if you have technical questions or need additional information not displayed here. Call - 203 488 4477

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