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Plastic Optical Sensors

Plastic Optical Sensors

optical-plastic-miniOPT Series: 5-12 vdc Miniature Optical Level Switch

This miniature plastic liquid level sensor provides a single point liquid detection via a TTL compatible push pull switch like output. They are designed for price-sensitive, high volume OEM applications. The liquid sensor provides a low power signal, making these optical switches ideal for microcontrollers when needing to detect the absence or presence of non-coating, clean liquids. An infrared LED and phototransistor ensure dependable optical coupling when the sensor is in air to prevent false readings. When the sensing tip is immersed in liquid, the phototransistor senses the liquid to switch the output state.


Standard Sensors and Mounting Thread Types

Sensor ModelThread TypeSensor TypeAvailabilityWetted Material
OPT4210-P1 M12x1 Wet - (high in air) Order Now Polysulphone
OPT4210-P2 M12x1 Dry - (low in air) 4 weeks Polysulphone
OPT4510-P1 M10x1 Wet - (high in air) Order Now Polysulphone
OPT4510-P2 M10x1 Dry - (low in air) 4 weeks Polysulphone
OPT4610-P1 1/2" SAE Wet - (high in air) 4 weeks Polysulphone
OPT4610-P2 1/2" SAE Dry - (low in air) 4 weeks Polysulphone
OPT4710-P1 1/4" NPT Wet - (high in air) Order Now Polysulphone
OPT4710-P2 1/4" NPT Dry - (low in air) 4 weeks Polysulphone


Sensor Specifications

Supply Voltage (Vs) +4.5 Vdc to +15.4Vdc
Output Type -P1 (Wet Sensing) output high in air
-P2 (Dry Sensing) output low in air
Output sink / source current Iout Max = 100mA
Operating Temperatures -40°C to +125°C (Extended)
Housing Material Polysulphone
Standard Leads 24AWG, 250mm PTFE wire
Pressure Rating 100 psi Max


Red Vs (supply)
Blue 0V (Gnd)
Output Voltage (Vout)
@ Iout = 100mA
Output High
Vout = Vs - 1V Max
Output Low
Vout = 0V + 0.5V Max
Output Voltage (Vout)
@ Iout = 0mA
Output High
Vout = Vs - 0.3V Max
Output Low
Vout = 0V + 0.1V Max

ipdf Miniature Plastic Optical Product Specifications