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HVAC Sensors

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M8000 - Miniature Polypropylene Float Switches
Polypropylene 1/8" NPT Miniature Float Switch  The M8000 miniature liquid level float swit..
M8000-C - HVAC Series Condensate Float Level Switch
The M8000-C miniature liquid level switch has a PVC stem and a polypropylene float. Polypropylene is..
M8700-C - HVAC Series Condensate Float Switch
 The M8700-C side-mounted liquid level float switch has a polypropylene stem and a polypro..
HVAC Sensors

HVAC Series Condensate Level Switches

Madison Company offers a standard family of water-activated level switches designed for condensate return systems in HVAC and HVACR systems. These condensate level float switches can be used for the return of hot condensate in a boiler system, in an air conditioning condensate line, or to give a signal to a pump or compressor control when water is detected in the drain pan.

The M8000-C float switch is designed for either a press fit into a standard 3/4" schedule 40 PVC pipe tee allowing for future clean out, or glued in place using standard PVC pipe cement. This vertically-mounted switch will provide an excellent level signal at up to a 30° angle and incorporates a vent hole for line air to escape.

The M8000, also a vertically-mounted switch, requires a mounting hole to accommodate a 1/8" NPT fitting. The M8700-C is a horizontally-mounted float switch for use where side mounting is preferred, such as in the side of a pan or reservoir.

These switches can also be used in compressed air condensate drain lines that are normally found on intercoolers, after coolers, dryers, drip legs and receiver tanks. 

They are cost-effective solutions when compared to electric solenoid valve methods.


  • Highly reliable
  • Affordable off-the-shelf design
  • Easy installation
  • Custom features available