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M4189 - Tilt Float Switch (6.5ft. Cable)

M4189 - Tilt Float Switch (6.5ft. Cable)
M4189 - Tilt Float Switch (6.5ft. Cable) M4189 - Tilt Float Switch (6.5ft. Cable) M4189 - Tilt Float Switch (6.5ft. Cable)
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Available for same-day shipment M4189 Tilt Float Switch with 6.5' (2 Meters) of PVC-jacketed cable is an inexpensive, efficient and highly reliable level detector.

The Madison Company M4189 Tilt Float Switch provides efficient and highly reliable level detection in open vessels, sumps and ponds, even where debris or other conditions may exist. The molded plastic float has an integral three-conductor cable which is connected to a SPDT microswitch that is sealed inside the float. As the float rises or falls 30° to 45° about a horizontal location where the cable is anchored, the switch changes state from Normally Open or Normally Closed as the float swings up and down. These float switches typically provide 8" to 36" of liquid level control depending on the length of cable remaining beyond the anchored point or weight. The internal microswitch can be used to start or stop a pump, open or close a valve or indicate an alarm point as required. An optional stabilizing weight is included with all Tilt Float Switches for "Drop In" applications.

(Examples: 24" of cable will provide approximately 36" of differential between switch changeover, while a shorter length of cable will decrease the distance between the high and low level switch points.)

The Propylene float and PVC cable materials are chemically resistant and extremely durable for long service life, as well as resistant to heat, oxidation, ozone and aging due to weather or typical application conditions. These tilt float switches are designed for wastewater, pond level control, or any application where conditions are challenging and smaller sensors can't hold up.

There are no specific installation concerns. However, the lead cable should be supported in an enclosed tank. Additionally, in an open tank, sump, or pond, it is advantageous to clip the lead cable to the side, especially if excessive turbulence or liquid movement is experienced.



Contact Rating 16A 250 VAC 60 Hz General Purpose, 1/2 HP 240 VAC 60 Hz; Form C (SPDT)
Max Submerged Depth 20 Meters
Operational SG Greater than 0.9 SG
Float Material Polypropylene
Max. Temperature 158˚F (70ºC)
Float Wetted Material Polypropylene
Wetted Material Weight Polypropylene sealed housing
Lead Wires 6.5 Ft. (2M) , 18 AWG, 3 Conductor, PVC Jacketed Cable
Max. Working Pressure 14.5 PSIG
Additional Notes
Available Same Day 100 pcs.

Contact Madison Co. if you have technical questions or need additional information not displayed here. Call - 203 488 4477

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