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PC4203-010-P040 - Clog-Free Pressure Level Sensor, 0-10 PSI ( 0 - 23 ft WC)

PC4203-010-P040 - Clog-Free Pressure Level Sensor, 0-10 PSI ( 0 - 23 ft WC)
PC4203-010-P040 - Clog-Free Pressure Level Sensor, 0-10 PSI ( 0 - 23 ft WC)
Model # PC4203-010-P040

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The Madison PC4203-010-P040 clog-free submersible pressure level sensor is specifically designed for hydrostatic pressure level measurements of wastewaters or liquids, which will clog most other sensors and is ideal for sensing 0 to 23 ft. of liquid level. The 316L Stainless Steel housing and ceramic diaphragm are chemically-resistant and clog-free to virtually all environments with debris, sludge or small particles typically found in food processing, lakes or lift stations. The sensor’s polyurethane, vented cable is molded to the sensor housing to provide the most reliable waterproof sensor seal and years of pressure level measurement. Custom pressure sensors with FEP cable can also be manufactured as an option for chemical resistance in fuels, oils or solvents. To avoid any cable elongation, an integral Kevlar strand is incorporated. A feature of the PC4203 is that its full-scale range starts as low 0-36” WC to over 100 PSI making it ideal for small tanks, ponds and water vessels or deep wells. An attachable Cage Weight (P/N PC-CW2) is available for drop-in situations or for turbulent environments and lift stations.

*Note: A Desiccant Filter (P/N PH-FIL) or Environmentally-Sealed Bladder (P/N PH-EMS) are required to insure years of accurate, trouble free service.


- Great for waste management, slurries, food, beverage, industrial processing, pulp & paper or pharmaceutical 

- Typical applications are sewage lift stations, tanks, wells, pipes, irrigation, process run off or rivers.


Input Voltage 10 - 35 VDC
Approvals CE, FM (available by special request)
Output 4 - 20mA Loop Current
Operating Temperature -10°F (non-freezing) to 175°F (-23˚C to 79˚C)
Range 0 - 10 PSIG (0 - 23 ft. WC)
Housing Material 316L SS with Ceramic Diaphragm
Cable 40 ft. Polyurethane Vented Cable
Accuracy 0.25% over Full Scale

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