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Installation & Maintenance Manuals

The following Installation and Maintenance Manuals are available for download in PDF format:

Manual #Product Model/Name
MF-002 Liquid Level Switches
MF-003 Conductivity Probe Kit M3784-110MK
MF-003-1 M3784 Conductivity Sensor Head
MF-004 C3975-1000 Continuous Level Sensor
MF-005 Multi-Level Switch Kits Installation Manual
MF-008 Model U3/U4 & R3/R4 Ultrasonic, Sanitary and Radar Sensors
MF-009 Model U3/U4 & R3/R4 Sensors 
with Communication for a Single or Network Level Sensor
MF-012 Model U2 Ultrasonic Sensor
MF-017 Model U3M Mini Ultrasonic Sensors
MF-018 Madison-Omni® Sensors
MF-022 Model R3-EXP Explosion-Proof Radar Sensors
MF-023 Model M4190 & M4065 Liquid Level Switches
MF-025 Model M4189 Tilt Float Liquid Level Switches
MF-027 Models M4168, M4196 & U3M Drum Level Sensors
MF-028 M8000-C Condensate Level Switch
MF-044 R2 Controller
MF-045 R1 Relay
MF-066 PD765 Sensor Wiring Guide
MF-067 TL4569 and TL4570 Series, Visual Level Indicators
Feb. 2016 Madison Company Catalog
Ver. 6.7 Communication Software for Radar and Ultrasonic Sensors 32.4 MB .zip