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Level and Conductivity Switch Relays and Controllers

Switch Overload, Solenoid Valve, Pump and Alarm Application Accessories

Madison Company offers a wide variety of relays and controllers for use with our level and conductivity switches and sensors. Relays are used for switch overload protection and for solenoid valve, pump and alarm applications. Controllers are used in pump-up or pump-down applications.

Types of Accessories


R1 General-Purpose Relays provide liquid level switch overload protection for all Madison single-level switches. Input coils are available for 110 VAC, 220 VAC or 12 VDC applications. The isolated output contacts can be used to switch a wide variety of voltages. The relay can be used for solenoid valves, pumps and alarm applications that do not exceed the listed ratings.


R2-120 and R2-220 Level Controllers provide high-level, low-level or bilevel control in a convenient octal plug-in package. Models are available for pump-up or pump-down operation.Onboard sensitivity-adjustable units eliminate false tripping caused by floating debris and foaming agents. Isolated electromechanical relay contacts can be directly connected to the control circuitry or control pumps and solenoids.

PD Series Meters

Model PD765 Trident Meter is a universal panel meter for all common process display applications. Meter is factory calibrated to accept process voltage and current inputs, 100 ohm platinum RTDs and the four most common thermocouples.