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Ultrasonic and Radar Level Sensor Information

Software for Non-Contact Level Sensors

Madison's standard ultrasonic and radar sensor models can be selected with a communication option. This option is a choice of an RS-232 or an RS-485 connection. The RS-232 is for a one sensor to one PC link, and the RS-485 is for up to multiple sensors (up to 128) to one PC. Madison supplies user-friendly software for sensors purchased with this option. Once the software is loaded onto the user's PC, the user can tailor several characteristics of the sensor so that the graphs and displays of the sensor's signals can be representative of the measurements being taken in the vessel.

For any Madison ultrasonic or radar model ordered with one of the optional communication ports, the interfacing software is provided. The software operates on a basic PC that is running Microsoft Windows 95™ or higher and has a serial port. Software can also be downloaded here. S/W Download 32.4 MB.zip

Communication is via RS232, RS485 or MODBUS RTU protocol. This requires the user to provide the wiring from the sensor terminal block under the cover to the computer. Models with RS485 communications protocol will need an RS485 to RS232 converter. The computer must have a 9-pin Serial connector or the user will need to use a Serial to USB adapter cable/connector.

NOTE: Customer MUST select either RS232 or RS485 when ordering. Typical non contact part number will be R3-50CXXX – where the "XXX" is the 232 or 485 designator. The MODBUS RTU protocol can be accessed from either RS232 or RS485.