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Case Studies

Madison Company provides sensor solutions to major industries worldwide, including: food equipment, aircraft and marine, industrial equipment, specialty vehicles and medical equipment. Let Madison Company work with you on your next project so that you can benefit from our experience in providing high reliability, quick responsiveness and ongoing support from design through production and beyond.

High-reliability applications where Madison sensors are ideal range from the Seawolf and Trident submarines, nuclear power plants and the Humvee to coffee pots, refrigeration systems and dishwashers.

A Sensing Solution for Mobile Fuel Delivery
How Madison Company solved a major utility's steam cogeneration plant issues
Tank Level Control - Switches and Sensors For Distributor's Inventory
Liquid Level and Tank Level Indication For Sweeper Coolant Reservoirs
Non-Liquid Ultrasonic Sensor Applications - Actual Applications and Uses
Optical Condensation Line Indication Sensors for Pneumatic Valves
Optical Level Sensors For Peristaltic Pumps and Fluid Products
Water Level Monitor - Monitoring Water Level In Lakes, Ponds and Rivers
Milking Equipment: Optical Switches Deliver Automation to the Farm
Condensate Level Detection - Optical Level Detectors In Medical Equipment
Condensate Sensors Detect Condensation - Industrial Filter Systems
Construction & Agricultural Equipment: Optical Sensors Keep Heavy Equipment Working
Condensate Sensing: Optical Sensors Help Compressors Detect Contaminants
Appliance Manufacturers: Optical Level Sensors for Detergent Level Indication
Water Level Switch Finds Safety Application in Costa Rica Rainforest
Reliable Level Switches and Sensors From Madison Company Over 45 Years
Combination Level & Temperature Monitoring in an Auto Detailing Vacuum Cleaner