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Reliable Level Switches and Sensors From Madison Company Over 45 Years

LLSgroupLiquid Level Switches Madison Liquid Level Switches Customers and manufacturers are equally concerned with product reliability, as it has a direct bearing on the end product's performance in the hands of its users. The electronics industry's standard definition for reliability was established many years ago and states: "Reliability is the probability of a device performing its purpose adequately for the period of time intended, under the operating conditions encountered."

This definition has stood the test of time – as have Madison Company's level switches and sensors. For more than 45 years, Madison's customers have depended on our sensors to help ensure the reliability of their own end products. Regardless of material selection, operating conditions and other essential design considerations, Madison's products have long provided the reliability that a diverse range of customers has come to depend on. Two such companies are Bob's Space Racers, Inc. and Hart-A-Gen Systems, Inc.

BSR-Runnin-WaterBob's Space Racers has been a pioneer in premiere amusement games since 1970. The Cassata family has focused on producing some of the most well-known games in the world by providing quality components, expert craftsmanship and rock-solid dependability. Madison's liquid level switches have proven to be a key component in assuring the reliability of their water amusement games. Every year, thousands of happy children and adults around the world enjoy the on-demand action of Water Game™ and Water Gun Fun, while amusement park operators enjoy unprecedented profitability thanks to the games' reliable performance year after year.

From providing entertainment with a water game to supporting first responders on call with hydraulic generators from Hart-A-Gen Systems, Madison's liquid level switch reliability has long held up to the strict expectations of product designers.

hartagenHart-A-Gen® generators have been designed for field reliability, with quality components passing exhaustive testing to assure their customers of receiving a superior performing system. These hydraulic generators are used extensively by the City of Houston, Texas; Colorardo Springs, Colorado; and Contra Costa and Santa Clara Counties in California. Whether carried on a fire truck, fire rescue or specialty vehicle (including the oilfield truck at Utah-based Eclipse Wireline), this line of modular generators featuring Madison level switches has provided reliable on-site life saving power needs for years.

Regardless of your application, it would be unwise to count on a system to perform to a desired level of reliability unless it was specifically designed for that reliability. The specifications of a system and the equipment/part reliability built into the design all contribute to the end user's satisfaction. Designing for reliability, maintainability and availability are all part of the customer service and support that Madison Company customers have come to rely on.