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Condensate Sensing: Optical Sensors Help Compressors Detect Contaminants

Air Compressors

optical-dataA UK designer of reciprocating, rotary screw, centrifugal and rotary vane compressors has now introduced a line of oil-less models that serve industries requiring 100% oil-free air.

Water vapor and other contaminants can be found in variable amounts in the air. The amount of vapor and contamination of air plays a vital role in the compression process and the quality of the air delivered by the compressor. Some compressor systems utilize refrigerant drying to cool the compressed air. This causes large amounts of condensate water, which then must be separated. Desiccant drying and filters with water separators are also system choices.

LLE series optical sensors are used in the compressors that have condensate sensing on board. The LLE sensor was selected for its small size, solid state (no moving parts) design, 5V signal and reliability.

Air Conditioner Systems

A leading manufacturer of air conditioning systems in Italy produces products including water sourced heat pumps, chillers and air conditioning/ventilation/refrigeration/ humidification systems.

The LLE series optical switches are used in both the condensate line and in the refrigerant and coolant tanks. The condensate line can provide an indication of liquid presence and the need to pump. The tank installations use level indication for fill and/or overflow prevention.