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Non-Liquid Ultrasonic Sensor Applications - Actual Applications and Uses

The following are some of the non-liquid applications for which ultrasonic sensors have been utilized:

  • Maximum fill of tuna in a can at a food processing facility on the West Coast of the U.S.
  • Car mats in the correct orientation position as they exit an extruder on the conveyor belt for a popular manufacturer in North Carolina.
  • The correct height of currency at a private Canadian contract house that services foreign governments.

In these actual applications, the ultrasonic sensor is interfacing to a PLC containing an analog input card, which is monitoring the height indication within a programmed tolerance. This provides the product's process line with an economical and reliable way to apply a quality control feature.

In addition to this type of application, if two or more sensors are used in conjunction with one another, the PLC can provide a position control in multiple planes. However, locating two sensors close to each other can be a problem. Depending on the target geometries, an echo from one sensor might be deflected to the second sensor and provide a false detect. This is managed by keeping the sensors at least as far apart as their sensing range.